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NHS Food Scanner app Updated July 2022 There is now and improved version of the NHS Food Scanner app which is downloadable from the iTunes store and Google Play. For those people that have never used the Food Scanner app before, it works by scanning the barcodes of food and drink. Once an item has been […]

Community gardening On Friday 25th February, Sustainable Merton welcomed a friendly group of local people to their community orchard and gardens in Mitcham for the first in a series of food growing workshops, part of their new community gardening Growing for Good project. It was a lovely sunny day which really helped to get everyone […]

How to eat healthy Present diets are correlated with a high burden of disease: globally 1.9 billion adults are overweight or obese, 462 million are underweight and over 30% of the world’s population suffers from deficiencies of essential nutrients (WHO). In the UK Public Health England developed the Eatwell Guide to show the government recommendations on what is […]

It will be Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week 2021 between Monday 10th and Sunday 16th May.  This is an important yearly awareness week which aims to inform the public about who is most at risk of getting type 2 diabetes and what they can do to find out their diabetes risk score. At risk groups […]

Budget healthy meals There is a presumption that eating healthy is expensive, however this is not the case. In fact, takeaways and ready meals are likely to cost more and end up being less nutritious, higher in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Tips for eating healthy – Batch cooking can save you time and […]

Healthier snacks – Snacking is when we eat food between our regular meals. Often people wonder if snacking is good for us, this depends largely on the type of snacks we select and the amount we eat. If we plan ahead and are selective, snacks can be a healthy part of our diet. However, some […]

How to not waste food – Food wastage is when food that could be eaten by us has been left to go off or is discarded. Certain measures can help reduce this waste. These include doing a food audit, reducing portion sizes, freezing extras, and using leftovers in other recipes. Before shopping for food check […]

Family meal planning Family meal planning During these unprecedented times it is overwhelming for everyone; no schools open, social distancing, self-isolation, limited stock on the supermarket shelves and financial constraints.  Now more than ever planning meals can be a great help. Tips & Alternatives for planning meals: – For foods that come in large quantities […]

Freezing food Freezing food is a great way to minimise space in the fridge, used as an emergency, saves you time, is a great way to store food, retains nutrients and also preserves food. Don’t freeze old food because you don’t want to throw it away the aim of freezing is to keep food to […]

Immune system boost? Coronavirus has caused people to seek miracle cures to boost our immune system. People are wanting to protect themselves and are searching for answers especially on how to prevent COVID-19 through diet and fluids. There is lots of misleading information on nutrition at present through media channels; some miracle foods being to […]