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How to Stop Vaping for Young People Join us for an online event that will give you the facts around vaping and provide you with some strategies to stop! Are you tired of feeling controlled by your vape? Ready to take back control ? This event is designed just for you. We’ll provide factual information […]

When stopping smoking it is normal to notice that you may feel a bit more down and stressed than usual. Nicotine withdrawal can create changes in your body that mean it is returning to normal after being used to a regular intake of nicotine. The good news is that these changes only last a few […]

WHAT IS VAPING? Vaping is the use of an electronic device to inhale vapour derived from a heated liquid. The main ingredients are vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, but most e-liquids also contain nicotine, which must be no more than 2% or 20mg per ml, as well as small amounts of flavourings and sweeteners. SMOKING […]

Stoptober 2021 Stoptober is back to launch its 10th mass quit attempt on 1st October, calling on smokers in England to join the 2.3 million others who have made a quit attempt with the campaign since it launched a decade ago in 2012. Over 6 million adults in England still smoke, and it remains the […]

If you are a smoker then stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health.  Of the 6.1 million smokers in England, six in 10 want to quit but many try to quit using willpower alone – or go ‘cold turkey’ – despite this being the least effective method available. If […]

Stoptober 2018 Stoptober – the 28-day campaign from Public Health England that encourages and supports smokers across the country to quit smoking for good – is back for the seventh year in a row! Stoptober is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country and is based on research that if you can stop smoking for […]

Unseen danger of smoking Most people are aware that smoking is detrimental to health, but many people are unaware of the unseen damage and danger of smoking. Public Health England (PHE) recently ran its Smokefree Health Harms campaign designed to encourage the nation’s 7 million smokers to make a quit attempt. The TV advert illustrates […]

Lung cancer awareness month UK Lung cancer awareness month UK November is Lung Cancer Awareness month and is a great opportunity to stub out that last cigarette for good and make a change that will lead to a healthier, wealthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. One You Merton offers support to those interested in stopping smoking. How […]