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SMART goals

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Rain, rain go away!…really?

It was raining, I enjoyed my extended lazy morning in bed. Tried to seal the lips of my heart and shut my eyes to the rising sun. There went another plan into the world of slumber. There comes a point when the world pauses to awaken our senses and forces us to take notice. Should […]

Swan with cygnets

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Reconnecting with nature

In the first few weeks of lockdown, I felt lazy and somewhat depressed.  I couldn’t pull myself out of it. All the household jobs I’d told myself would get done when I had more time, remained undone; I lacked interest and motivation. I was constantly in the kitchen, getting myself snacks and I soon felt […]

People cycling

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The slopes of cycling

I have had a gaping developmental delay in my cycling ambition. It started off when I taught my brother to cycle. Well, pushing him down slopes was not at all difficult and it was a success. I have no memory of anything else – typical of memories. Fast forward five years down the line, my […]

Elephant drawing

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I must say, when the lockdown began, abruptly; the first instant benefit I could see and feel was the slowing down from life’s exhaustive, non-stop ‘run’ or ‘chase’ as I call it. Lockdown made the impossible – possible. This sudden halt did jerk the daily routine; which had its place and discipline. The to-do-bucket-list suddenly […]

Family with face masks

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Co-existing with Covid-19

The enforced full stop to the society as I knew was never a concept I envisaged. Yet it did dawn upon me and it did leave its footprints. Most people who know me would know that I have a dislike for phones, especially mobile phones. I am a chatty, face to face person. Stage 1 The phone wouldn’t stop. […]

quit smoking

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Quit smoking for Ramadan 2020

Ramadan is an annual Islamic month of fasting, worship, prayer, spirituality and reflection for 29 to 30 days in which smoking, eating, drinking and the use of tobacco products are strictly forbidden during fasting hours. If you are a smoker then it can be very challenging during the month of Ramadan, especially during the fasting […]

Healthy dinner

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Healthy eating on a budget

There is a presumption that eating healthy is expensive however this is not the case. In fact, takeaways and ready meals are likely to cost more and end up being less nutritious, higher in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Tips – Batch cooking can save you time and cooking from scratch allows you to […]

Healthy snack

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Healthier snacks

Snacking is when we eat food between our regular meals. Often people wonder if snacking is good for us, this depends largely on the type of snacks we select and the amount we eat. If we plan ahead and are selective, snacks can be a healthy part of our diet. However, some snacks such as […]

Bubble and squeak

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Getting the most out of food

Food wastage is when food that could be eaten by us has been left to go off or is discarded. Certain measures can help reduce this waste. These include doing a food audit, reducing portion sizes, freezing extras, and using leftovers in other recipes. Before shopping for food check what you already have including items […]

Meal planning

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Planning meals

During these unprecedented times it is overwhelming for everyone; no schools open, social distancing, self-isolation, limited stock on the supermarket shelves and financial constraints. Tips & Alternatives: – For foods that come in large quantities e.g. chicken fillets individually pack and freeze them allowing you to defrost as and when you need. – Make a […]