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Healthy savoury snacks – reviewed 2023

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Healthy savoury snacks

Healthier snacks – Snacking is when we eat food between our regular meals. Often people wonder if snacking is good for us, this depends largely on the type of snacks we select and the amount we eat.

If we plan ahead and are selective, snacks can be a healthy part of our diet. However, some snacks such as crisps, biscuits and chocolates can provide extra fats, sugars, and salt in our diet. These can be enjoyed occasionally and in small amounts.

Instead of having one type of snack aim for a variety from the following food groups: fruit and vegetables; starchy carbohydrates; proteins; and dairy.


Food Group Healthier Snacks
Fruit & Vegetables

Helps meet five a day

Keep fruit bowl within easy reach. Fill fridge with ready to eat vegetables such as celery, carrot and cucumber sticks – these can be eaten with a dip including vegetables such as guacamole, salsa, and hummus.
Starchy Carbohydrates

A source of energy

Small bowl of popcorn; wholegrain toast or half a sandwich; bowl of wholegrain cereal with semi-skimmed milk. (Some good options for spreads and fillings include low fat cheese spread, salad, and avocado).

Important for growth & repair

A portion of mixed bean salad or Chickpea chaat; boiled egg or a handful of nuts.
Dairy & alternatives

Source of calcium

Matchbox size of cheese, unsweetened low fat yogurt sprinkled with seeds, and cottage cheese with pineapple chunks. If having dairy alternatives aim to get those fortified with calcium.

You can find out more about portion sizes on our Eat Well page

More ideas of healthy snacks can be found on the NHS website

Farhanda Shah