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Budget healthy meals tips – reviewed 2023

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Budget healthy meals

Budget healthy meals

There is a presumption that eating healthy is expensive, however this is not the case. In fact, takeaways and ready meals are likely to cost more and end up being less nutritious, higher in calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Tips for eating healthy

– Batch cooking can save you time and cooking from scratch allows you to have more control, works out cheaper and healthier.

– Go for economy/value brands/supermarket own brands which are just as good & lower in price and keep an eye on offers but also be mindful of what type of offers are out there

– Tinned, frozen, dried fruit can be cheaper than fresh fruit

-Buy in bulk for oats, pasta, tinned items, rice and non-perishable foods which can keep

– Opt for cheaper cuts of meat, a whole chicken may work out cheaper and lean mince which can be frozen

– Fresh fish can be pricey, how about canned oily fish like salmon and sardines which contain omega 3 fats and frozen fish fillets as an option

– Frozen vegetables go a long way, tinned tomatoes and tinned pulses can also bulk up your meals and count towards one of your 5ADAY

– Loose vegetables and fruits work out cheaper than prepacked products, having a positive impact on the environment with sustainable food. Use up all the vegetables e.g. broccoli stem and leaves

– Vegetables, eggs, beans and lentils usually cost less than meat, so try adding more of these foods to your meat-containing meals and are also lower in saturated fat. Have a meat free day!

Find information about good nutrition on our Eat Well page and find lots of easy, nutritious meal ideas the NHS Healthier Families website.

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