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Dry January is back for 2020! Dry January – the challenge from charity Alcohol Change UK to abstain from alcohol for the month of January returns in 2020! Millions of people will be giving up alcohol up and down the country to help them take a break from the booze after the festive season. Why […]

Do you know your drink? Are you aware how many units of alcohol are recommended for adults each week? One You Merton is supporting Alcohol Change’s Alcohol Awareness Week from Monday 19th November to Sunday 25th November. This year’s theme is ‘Change’ and in the words of charity Alcohol Change: “Change is necessary. Change is possible. […]

The scale of alcohol abuse in England 7 million people in England go over the recommended guidelines for alcohol intake; the government guideline for alcohol is 14 units per week, which is about 6 pints of beer or cider, 14 single shots of spirits or 6 glasses of wine. During the week or on a […]

Drink SLOW The One You Merton Drink Checker website aims to support people in learning more about alcohol, the effects it has and to help people to recognise if their drinking is harming their health. Drink Checker has lots of useful information to help signpost people to relevant local advice, support and treatment if necessary. […]

Top tips to drink less It is of course an understatement to say Christmas is a boozy time of year. If, however, you’d like to drink less than you might usually in December, and even into 2018, we have a few top tips: 1. Set yourself goals First of all, set yourself some goals for […]

Alcohol Awareness Week 2017 One You Merton is supporting Alcohol Awareness Week 2017 which this year has the theme of ‘Alcohol and Families’. The campaign runs from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November and Alcohol Concern are aiming for this year’s campaign to be an opportunity for a discussion around the affect that harmful drinking […]