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A lockdown experience…enjoy the pause! – reviewed 2023

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lockdown experience

A lockdown experience

I must say, when my lockdown experience began, abruptly; the first instant benefit I could see and feel was the slowing down from life’s exhaustive, non-stop ‘run’ or ‘chase’ as I call it.

Lockdown made the impossible – possible. This sudden halt did jerk the daily routine; which had its place and discipline. The to-do-bucket-list suddenly got its priority. Exercising to my hearts’ content, sipping through my tea watching the lovely green grass and flowers in my garden, soaking the morning sun, listening endlessly to my kids chatter and not rushing out, has made me relax and de-stress myself. It has revived the senses within me, given me that extra time to rejuvenate my Body, Mind & Soul.

The New Normal

Firstly, taking charge of my own and my husband’s physical health. We found time to exercise together, with my kids joining in whenever possible. My ‘little instructor’; my 5-year-old son; has taken it upon him to guide us through our exercise routine and make us follow his ‘moves’.

Secondly, cooking has become more of a ‘Jamie Oliver project’ than a ‘chore’ where I look at making different recipes from the same ingredients which would be chucked in a daily meal anyway, but now get their special place on the plate with an added ‘yum’ factor enjoyed by everyone.

Additionally, I have found that ‘extra time’ to pamper myself, which was a ‘once in a blue moon’ episode. With instant homemade organic masks made from the daily fruit and vegetable trimmings, bringing joy to my self-care routine, which otherwise was on the back shelf left for holidays; maybe.

The positive side of lockdown

Not to miss; my ‘Food Photography’ skills are at their peak; updated daily through whatsapp family and friends’ groups, has become a Block Buster, applauded and praised. This has created a new interest and hobby and food has become the new ‘Healthy eating goal’ with mindful portions and including a variety of ingredients, benefitting my overall health.

My Arty-Side: I had this artistic nudge since a long time dwelling inside and raring to give it a try and, voila! I tried that too. I explored some ‘Zentangle art’ and is was thrilling to see the finished piece, I could create. Who says you need to be a born artist?  If I can do…anyone can do it too!

The most soulful activity I found was; connecting back with my school and college friends, and relatives. Having more regular video calls has brought us back together and revived our relations greatly. It makes me thank God daily of the beautiful people we were brought up with or are surrounded with.

With a heart full of peace and quiet, I feel I am ready to ‘Dive in’ back into ‘Life’s race’; whenever it begins.

Until then………Enjoy the pause!

Sulakshana Patil
Health Advisor

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