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Life in lockdown – reviewed 2023

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Life in lockown

Life in lockdown

The enforced full stop to the society as I knew was never a concept I envisaged. Yet it did dawn upon me and it did leave its footprints. Most people who know me would know that I have a dislike for phones, especially mobile phones. I am a chatty, face to face person.

Stage 1

The phone wouldn’t stop. The world suddenly wanted to know how things were in my world and I hung on to my mobile to know how the world around me was getting on. All the while, I had become aware of a raging war, ” your half of table, my time for T.V,  my thing, my exercise mat, her crumbs, my chocolate”- veni, vidi,vici!  The government strategies aside, I needed home strategies which were compiled by disaster management experts. The team who drew their unscientific advice from a richly vast world of experience.

Stage 2

Far from the expectation of all and my own soul, all settled well into their undefined bubbles quite comfortably. Strangely for me, I decided to tone down the stage 1 urge in being a master chef, gardener, craftswomen….of my home. I decided to enjoy moments and realised what I had missed all these years: I listened keenly for HAAaaaaaahahaHAHA for my friends laughter over the phone, the smell of the flowers in my garden seem to change as the sun moved in the sky above, the patient teacher in my son as he taught the technique of frisbee, the knocks and corners that often skip my cleaning fingers, young and understanding lady in my daughter.

Stage 3

Things around me are easing down. Am I going to miss the simple pleasures that gave a good sleep. Will I forget that healthy diet requires simple ingredients, found easily?  Will I have time to call a long lost relative and hear the emotions in their voice?  Will I miss the clear air? or having my husband around? Friends, are we ready to join the race again?

Jubee Matthews
Health Advisor

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