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Alcohol advice – drink SLOW – reviewed 2022

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Alcohol advice - One You Merton DrinkChecker

Alcohol advice

Drink SLOW

The One You Merton Drink Checker website aims to support people in learning more about alcohol, the effects it has and to help people to recognise if their drinking is harming their health. Drink Checker has lots of useful information to help signpost people to relevant local advice, support and treatment if necessary.

The One You Merton Drink Checker also allows you to sign up to the Drink Diary where you can set personal goals, keep track of your drinking, receive motivational alerts and see how much you can save by drinking less.

The Alcohol Health Network have formulated some easy to remember advice for when you are out drinking to help keep you on track:

When you’re drinking, the best method is to drink SLOW

So what does ‘SLOW’ stand for?

Switch – Try to alternate your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on a night out. Or have one or two alcoholic drinks, then switch to soft drinks

Low – where possible, go low. That’s lower ABV – a 3.5% beer is better than 5% 11% wines preferable to 14%. You can drink more volume if the alcoholic strength is lower.

is for off days – Try and have several days a week where you don’t drink. One or two non-drinking days per week helps your liver and other organs recover, especially if you’ve been over doing it.

W is for Water. Water is your friend – try drinking water before and definitely after alcohol. This will keep you hydrated and help you sleep better.

The SLOW technique is recommended to help keep your drinking on the right track.

Other tips from the Alcohol Health Network to keep drinking under control:

  • Make a plan before you go out drinking. Work out in advance what drink you like, and how many you can have to stay safe. The guidelines are not to exceed 14 units per week and spread your units over 3 days or more
  • Try and go for lower volumes – order a bottle of beer rather than a pint. Ask for a small glass of wine over a large one
  • Try starting to drink later in the evening, drink only with food, or make a rule not to drink on certain days of the week

Why not visit our Drink Less page to learn about calories and units in alcohol.  Take the One You Merton Drink Checker test to see how you score!  You can also download the Drink Free Days app to help you keep track of your drinking.