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Dry January 2020

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Dry January

Dry January is back for 2020!
Dry January – the challenge from charity Alcohol Change UK to abstain from alcohol for the month of January returns in 2020! Millions of people will be giving up alcohol up and down the country to help them take a break from the booze after the festive season.

Why do Dry January?
Having a break from alcohol is good for your body and also good for your wallet!
The benefits of having a break from alcohol include:
• Better quality of sleep
• Better hydration
• Consume less calories
• Have more energy
• Better skin

These are just some of a variety of great benefits you can get from having a 1 month break from alcohol.
Alcohol Change UK will send you a variety of information by e-mail to help support your break from alcohol if you decide you would like to sign up to the campaign.

Try Dry – The Dry January app
Alcohol Change UK have an app that can support your break from alcohol during January 2020 – the Try Dry app. With the Try Dry app you can:

• Track the units of alcohol you consume – it also helps you to count the calories you have not consumed and the money you have saved when not drinking.

• Get help to understand your drinking patterns to see how often you drink and how many units you are drinking at each session

• Take the built-in health quiz to monitor your drinking specifically with regards to your health and wellbeing

• Track the periods when you are not drinking to see how long you can go without any alcohol

The Try Dry app is available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Local support from One You Merton
The One You Merton health advisors are also always on hand if you would like to talk to someone about setting some goals to help you cut down the amount of alcohol you drink. Call us on 020 8973 3545 or e-mail us at oneyou.merton@nhs.net

You can also take the One You Merton DrinkChecker test to see how many units you are currently drinking.