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On Your Feet Britain

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Lady working at computer whilst standing

On Thursday 29th April, why not join millions of others around the country who will be taking part in Get Britain Standing’s On Your Feet Britain 2021 challenge!

The idea behind On Your Feet Britain is to get people up and moving regularly throughout the day so that people are not sat for long periods with no activity.

The effects of sitting for long periods

Research has shown that sitting for more than 4 hours a day leads to reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate), increased blood pressure and disrupted blood sugar levels to name just a few of the effects of being sedentary for long periods.

People who sit for more than 4 hours a day are also at a a higher risk of obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease to name just some of the illnesses which can affect the lives sedentary lifestyles.

Source: Get Britain Standing

Build physical activity in to your day

There are many ways for people to get active throughout the day and the easiest way to make sure you are as active as possible is by building as much physically activity into your day as you can.

A great way of building activity into your day is to do some brisk walking as you go about your day.  Brisk walking is defined as walking at a speed of at least 3mph and is a very easily accessible form of exercise.  If you would like to monitor your brisk walking try downloading the Active 10 app.

If you are looking for activities for you and your family to be more active then why not take a look at our Moving page which has lots of ways for all the family to get active.

Further information

There are lots of things you can do to keep active and the On Your Feet Britain website has lots of fun ideas you can try so that you and your friends, family or colleagues can all all be active together with you.