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NHS joint pain service for Merton

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NHS joint pain

NHS joint pain

Helping people manage joint pain

Joint Pain Advisor (JPA) was a new model of care introduced in 2018 for people aged 45 + with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip, or those with chronic knee, hip or back pain for more than 3 months. Developed by the Health Innovation Network AHSN South London and championed by Dr Mohan Sekeram Merton GP, the approach is recognised by NICE as an example of best practice in terms of implementing NICE Guidance for the management of osteoarthritis. It is a person-centred holistic approach focusing on self-management and goal setting, helping people to reduce joint pain through increasing activity and reducing excess body weight if needed, combined with lifestyle advice.  The model of care has been used by a service in Merton that aims to help people to manage joint pain.

Service delivery

The service is delivered by AGE UK Merton, Wimbledon Guild and CLCH Case Management Services outreach teams alongside their existing support services. Outreach workers from these organisations are already skilled in supporting people change behaviour and in delivering health and wellbeing advice and education. They will receive additional training from the Health Innovation Network in the JPA approach with a specific focus on managing pain and simple strength and balance exercises for clients to work on at home. Clients can self-refer directly to each organisation or be referred by a health or social care professional for up to four 1:1 consultations (at no cost) over a period of six months. It is hoped the new service will alleviate the burden of MSK consultations on GPs across the Borough and provide people with increased access to MSK support to help them control their pain and alter the course of their condition.

Further information

For more information about this new service contact Amy Semple, Senior Project Manager, Health Innovation Network via email at a.semple@nhs.net or telephone 020 7188 7188 ext. 57037.

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