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Healthy snacks

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The energy ‘diet’

The Eatwell Guide is very useful for checking how much of what foods we should be eating on a daily basis.   This guide clearly explains what food groups there are and how much we should be eating from each of these different food groups. A healthy balanced diet is the most important thing in order […]

Stoptober 2018

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Stoptober is back!

Stoptober – the 28-day campaign from Public Health England that encourages and supports smokers across the country to quit smoking for good – is back for the seventh year in a row! Stoptober is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country and is based on research that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, […]

Know Your Numbers

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Know Your Numbers 2018

One You Merton is encouraging people to get their blood pressure checked for Blood Pressure UK’s Know Your Numbers Week which runs from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th September 2018.  More than 5 million people have high blood pressure in the UK and aren’t aware of it, that’s why it’s called the silent killer. Facts around […]

Heart Age

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Do you know your heart age?

One You Merton is encouraging adults in Merton take a few minutes out of their day to get to know their heart age by taking a free online, ‘Heart Age Test’.  The test asks for physical and lifestyle related information, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol (if known), and determines if someone’s heart is at a […]

People walking

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Get Active in Merton!

We all know that we should be active in our daily life, but just how much physical activity should we be doing every week? The UK Chief Medical Officer recommends that all adults should do the following each week: 1, 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week in durations of at least 10 minutes […]

Roasted vegetable couscous salad

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Tasty summer recipe!

Roast vegetable couscous salad Summer is a great time to include more vegetables into your diet in the form of salads. Sometimes you feel less hungry in the hot weather and want to eat a meal that is quick, healthy, light and easy. Salads are a great way to incorporate a variety of vegetables in one […]

porridge and pancakes

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Healthy Eating Week 2018

Feeling tired, low mood, lack of motivation and low energy levels? It may be a few lifestyle changes that can improve how you are feeling – diet and exercise! As it is Healthy Eating Week here are my top tips for eating well and feeling energised! Base your meals on starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, […]

Carers Week 2018

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A carer’s guide to self-care

Working as a carer is a challenging yet rewarding role. Dedicating time and effort to ensuring the wellbeing of others is never easy, what is easy, is forgetting about the wellbeing of you. With a constantly full schedule, taking time for yourself is not often a priority, but it should be. Statistics show that there […]

Active 10 campaign

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Why walking is the best exercise for you

Walking is the nearest activity to perfect exercise (Morris & Hardman, 1997). When thinking of exercise, most people think of heavier activities like running, but did you know that walking can be just as effective as running? (when done correctly). Brisk walking, which is walking at an increased pace, or about 3 miles an hour […]