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Sulu’s Fit-Nut Club

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Online nutrition and fitness club

Hi, I am Sulakshana Patil (Sulu J) I am a Health Advisor at ‘One You Merton’, supporting residents in the Merton area. I am a certified Pilate instructor, National Academy of Sports Medicine Level II Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor and Nutrition coach. A mother of two boys (14 & 7) and I run an online fitness and nutrition club in my spare time.

The Fit-Nut story

Health, nutrition & wellbeing has always been my passion and area of deep interest. Last year, in the middle of lock down I had my eureka moment and started an online fitness & nutrition club – Sulu’s Fit-Nut Club. The idea was to encourage & help people to get fitter and active by sustainable lifestyle habits correction, rather than crash diets and quick fixes. My programme received a phenomenal response. Till date 80+ of participants has benefited from the programme. For many of them it was a life transforming experience. All this is through word of mouth. I haven’t spent a penny on marketing, not even a website.

Sharing some of my participant reviews:

“I was facing issues with Pre-diabetes & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for a few years; whatever I tried did not work for me. Now I can surely say that Sulu’s Fit-Nut program has brought tremendous changes in me and my body. I feel more healthier and happier, my recent medical reports say that too 🙂 Fit-Nut is a good mixture of fun and positivity.”

“When I started the programme, I was not sure whether I would be able to continue due to my severe back pain and restricted movements. However, just a few weeks into the program, I started to feel the difference in my ability to move with a lot less pain and making it a lot easier to get around my day. My whole perspective and confidence have changed. The best part without a doubt about Sulu’s Fit-Nut is the nutrition information. No more sugar cravings! Hurray.”

“We are so happy to have new habits that will work for the rest of our lives. No more headaches and Acidity. Very happy to have done the program with Sulu’s Fit-Nut”

“Thanks, Fit-Nut for amazing 12 weeks journey. Really liked the program with focus on healthy lifestyle and adapting changes which can be easily incorporated in day-to-day life. I personally have benefitted from building core strength. Highly recommended!

There are several amazing stories like these, which inspires me to keep going.

The August Step Challenge

As the lockdown eased and people were looking to get out and about, I launched a Step Challenge to motivate my neighborhood, community, and friends around. It’s a free month-long challenge, where participants from different groups report me on their daily step counts. I publish their weekly results in the Fit-Nut bulletin J, my weekly newsletter. I received such an overwhelming response; I was required to stop the registrations when it crossed 100 participants in the just two days of its launch. There are 10 teams with 10 participants in each, fiercely competing to achieve the highest group steps. As of end of week 3, top teams have achieved more than 2+ Million steps per group.

All 10 groups are highly motivated and upbeat to find reasons to walk throughout the day. There are funny updates of how different participants are doing their steps to keep up the morale in their teams; for example people stepping in their kitchen while cooking, working at their desk whole day and even after work in the evening- heading to the nearest parks with kids , dancing etc. I am receiving so many positive feedbacks and the atmosphere around my place and our neighborhood is very vibrant with smiles and laughter on the streets. There is a great team spirit and encouragement seen throughout this challenge.

As we are in our last week of the August Step Challenge 2021 and I can bet that the TOP 3 TEAMS will have the step count TO THE MOON & ALMOST BACK 😊.

We finally finished our Step Challenge on 28th August and had a closing finale session on Zoom where everyone shared their positive and funny experiences of their whole month efforts.

I am very proud to say that what our whole team could achieve was PHENOMENOL. We covered 14,000+ Steps for the whole month and literally touched the MOON and back…perhaps even further 😊

This was one fun holiday month where we were the most active and energetic throughout and I am glad that I could do something for my community. Already thinking about my next challenge 😊

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