Tools and support to help you stress less

The One You Merton health advisors can give you advice and support on coping with stress.

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Stress and you

Stress can come from many different sources and we all experience a certain amount of stress in life.  Sometimes stress can cause you to take action to make a positive change, but prolonged high levels of stress can be harmful to health.

A good place to start is to assess your mood using the NHS Mood assessment tool  This tool asses factors around depression as well as anxiety and gives you a score for each at the end of the assessment.

You can also get your own personalised ‘Mind plan’ on our Every Mind Matters page, which can help give you ideas on dealing with stress productively.

There are lots of helpful apps available for free from the NHS Apps Library which can help with a range of mental health conditions.

You can also find some very helpful information and resources on the Good Thinking website, which has can help with stress as well as sleep, anxiety and low mood.

If you feel like your stress is getting on top of you and you would like local support you can contact Merton Uplift

Stress – Things you can do

Advice on ways of managing stress from Every Mind Matters

Take control of stress

Tips on working with stress from Every Mind Matters

Tools to assess mood and depression

The following self-assessment tools from NHS Choices will analyse your mood, see how many symptoms of depression you may have and provide helpful advice.

For information on local charities that offer support with anxiety and other mental health conditions please visit our Directory of Services page.