Getting good quality sleep is important for your health and wellbeing.  The amount of sleep we all need is different for all of us and this changes as we get older.

NHS sleep hygiene service

We know that sleep is of great importance to our health and wellbeing, but how much do we need? And if we can’t sleep, what can we do about it?

This page provides information in line with NHS sleep hygiene guidelines and what you can do do help you get better sleep.

Simple tips for better sleep
Beditation - a simple meditation to help you sleep
Online tools to help with sleep

The following tools can help with providing practical advice on things you can do to help you to get good sleep.

The Mind Plan tool

The Mind Plan tool can give you your own personalised plan on simple, practical steps you can take towards improving your mental health including tips on getting better sleep.

Further support

If your lack of sleep is affecting your daily life and you feel like you need extra support then help is available.