Health & Wellbeing Champion Training

Find out about how you can support the health and wellbeing of people in your local community by becoming a Health Champion or Wellbeing Champion.

Would you like FREE training to become a community Wellbeing Champion with the chance to become an RSPH Level 2 qualified Health Champion?

One You Merton is offering the opportunity for individuals to receive training to support local people in making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

What will I learn?
  • Inequalities in health
  • Importance of promoting improvements in health and wellbeing
  • How effective communication can support health messages
  • Impact of behaviour change on health and wellbeing

For the first two modules the training will be covering national as well as local information regarding both public health and inequalities.  More details on the content of each of these areas is given below.

Training content

Inequalities in Health – outcome 1

We will learn how inequalities in health may develop and what the current policies are for addressing these, by being able to:

  • Give an example of health inequality, its effects and possible impact on local communities
  • Identify the factors leading to health inequalities
  • Outline the policies and methodologies for reducing inequalities in health
  • Health models and the main determinants of health

How effective communication can support health messages – outcome 2

  • Understanding how effective communication can support health messages
  • Delivery of health messages
  • What is communication
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Barriers to communication

Importance of promoting improvement in health and wellbeing –  outcome 3

  • The principles of promoting health and wellbeing, covering all aspects of healthy eating, physical activities, reducing alcohol and smoking
  • How to sign individuals for further support to maintain /attain a healthier lifestyle
  • Ladder of intervention

Impact of behaviour change on health and wellbeing – outcome 4

To provide candidates with a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Educational Approach
  • Social Change
  • Support individuals to adopt healthy behaviours
  • Different methods used, like one to one, counselling and education
  • Role of health champion
  • Confidentiality
Wellbeing Champions training

The Wellbeing Champions training  has no exam and is delivered over 4 hours in total – split into 2 x 2 hour sessions on 2 separate days.

Health Champion Training (with exam)*

The Health Champion training is 7 hours in total – split into two afternoon sessions of 3 and a half hours each of separate days.

Once the Health Champion training has been completed you will have the option of taking the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Health Improvement exam.

If you are interested in any of these trainings please complete the form below.

*Applicants will need to have had a DBS check within the last 6 months to do this training.

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