Getting started

How much physical activity should we all be doing each day?

Guidelines on physical activity

Tips to help you prepare for physical activity as well as government guidelines on recommended levels of physical activity for all age groups.

Getting started

Starting small and making simple changes can really help boost your mood and raise your activity levels. It’s important to be physically active every day, and what you choose to do will depend on your own personal circumstance. Being active is ultimately about finding an activity that works for you!   Our top tips…

  • Choose activities you enjoy – this can really help you keep up the new healthier routine.
  • Set simple goals and make a plan – moving more with friends and family, can also help to make things more fun.
  • Start slowly and build up – listen to your body, you may need to do a warm up for some activities. Only do what feels comfortable, particularly if you have a health condition.
  • Enjoy the outdoors – getting outside can help reduce anxiety.
  • Wear comfortable clothes & always stay hydrated